Suomenkielinen sivusto

Advertising agency services

We serve our customers all the way from planning to production from small, individual projects to comprehensive rebranding processes in both electronic and traditional advertising and marketing tools.

We help with creating a marketing plan or developing an existing one, selecting target groups, goals and strategies, scheduling and defining the measures to be used.

We plan a new company and/or brand identity or update the existing one. We capture the company or product brand identity and define customer promises with the help of surveys and analyses.

We produce the needed materials for graphic design: company logo and slogan, company materials, sales tools, forms (both traditional and electronic), business cards, prospectuses, roll-ups, exposition stands and PowerPoint presentations.

We take care of creative concept content planning in advertising and the needed media productions such as radio spots, printed press advertising and films, all the way from shooting to printing and electronic marketing productions.

We create company or campaign websites and social media campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as well as the needed graphic applications.

BIR Creative does packaging concept planning and adapts the visual packaging look to different types of packaging when needed.

Other services include company and organisation publication’s page make-up as well as the planning, updating and lay-out of product catalogues.

We also define and supply the visual materials needed for productions, plan shooting scripts and arrange shootings.

Our clients

Nationwide Alina offers comprehensive home care services. Alina’s basic task is to improve the quality of life and well-being of the elderly, families with children and people in need of solicitude.

BIR Creative plans both national and local advertising for Alina and ensures that the customers have a uniform impression of the service. We have encapsulated the brand content with the help of internal and external survey results, made the customer promises clear and created an advertising concept that has been applied to both company and advertising materials in over a hundred productions including websites, magazines, radio, local newspapers, sales materials, car decals and visual branch looks.