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Business planning to help with decision making

It’s not smart to commence exporting without the required knowledge

The required business sectors

When planning the business activities, one has to recognise and make a list of the critical factors to go through and calculate their impacts.

The planning of business activities is a complex entity where everything affects everything. Examining the critical factors is crucial in order to form a complete picture based on which decision can be made. In a functional business, the different parts of the entity have been carefully considered. After all, when entering a foreign market the operational environment may require changes in the existing operations model and possibilities of making profit, which can be controlled by means of careful planning.

The following functions are significant parts of the planning process, and we can assist with the surveying and calculation needs. All of the functions are not necessary to all businesses. Some of the functions may be given factors that cannot be influenced without significant investments. When considering the big picture it is, however, always a good idea to process and calculate these factors in order to ensure profitability in the long run.

• Competition
• Customer/consumer needs
• Product/service definition
• Marketing
• Value chain
• Production calculuses
• Funding
• Production
• Production capacity
• Packaging
• Purchasing
• Logistics
• Distribution
• Selection effects
• Design
• Legal matters
• Health claims
• Market pricing

We are happy to discuss collaboration opportunities. By making good use of our local know-how and experience in different business activities in the Baltic Sea area, you will get a significant advancement in the learning curve in order to accelerate business growth and minimise risk factors.