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Business Insight Research BIR Oy

Business Insight Research BIR Oy does business planning and advertising.

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Business planning

Lower the risks in business operations

BIR Consulting specialises in helping the Baltic Sea region’s countries’ international business with market and business analysis. Our specialist fields include the target country’s market and competitor assessments, cost accounting, managing the company’s selection, pricing, logistics, brand promises and marketing plans. If needed, we also assist with the searching, contacting, tendering and selecting of subcontractors in the target country.

BIR offers help to the Scandinavian and Finnish SMEs that want to boost exports in the nearby markets but don’t have the local knowledge of these countries.
Compared to a company with knowledge only about the country of origin, the BIR consultant network can access and handle the required target country information more easily and effectively with its local experience and networks.
If you are planning export sales and want more information on which to base your decision making, or need a flexible partner to support your company’s marketing and advertising operations, get in touch.

With clear numbers and conducted analyses you significantly enhance your chances of making it.

Creative planning

BIR Creative is an advertising agency for a customer that needs professional functionalities and wants an interactive, committed partner. We have gathered our expertise in the field of graphic design and other advertising from large public companies all the way to small microenterprises.

Our comprehensive business and marketing knowledge creates a solid base for creative productions that are tailored according to the customer’s targets and resources. We help with defining target groups and assist with the planning of steps to take as well as plan and implement creative solutions to both digital and traditional operational and media environments.

Increasing recognition and evoking emotions in graphic solutions according to the brand’s objectives is the core of our design operations.

We are also interested in single design measures and parts of a whole, such as designing exhibition stands, producing websites, planning company materials and prospectuses, catalogues and other tools to increase sales. All graphic business solutions are part of our experience.